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Karp (Laurie)

extract from: "LONG VOYAGE"

What is striking in the work of Laurie Karp, American artist living in France for many years, is above all, the expression of a universe both strange and personal constructed out of intimate elements.

Whether it is a question of sculptures, installations, paintings or watercolors, the apparent formal multiplicity is always centered on correspondences, but also on what could be said to be intersigns. That is to say those mysterious relationships between the subject and the object, provoking a secret revelation, a sort of silent confidence through which the subconscious of the artist and that of the spectator are superimposed.

The force of Laurie Karp's work no doubt lies in the fact that she does not dissociate the interior from the exterior, the personal dimension and the shared perception with which she leads us towards the universal. ...

Pierre-François Moreau
writer, art correspondent


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